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On July 31, 2011, Darrell and I launched a brand new website at    From now on, I will blog right on the new site.  You can keep up with all the latest Emu Tile news there.  Here is the link:


Emu Tile at Gallery 143

 I am pleased to announce that Gallery 143, in Green, Ohio, now carries Emu Tile.  I visited the shop for the first time today, and was thrilled by what I saw.  This tasteful, well organized gallery holds a large selection of American- made crafts.  Over 500 artist are represented, and I am honored to be among them.  The owner, Joan, is an artist herself who creates unique and beautiful fabric collages.  She frames them herself in house.  If you are in the Green- Uniontown area, stop in a check out Gallery 143.
I forgot my camera, so I borrowed this image from the Gallery 143 website.

Emu Tile in "This Old House Magazine"

I was contacted by a customer last month who told me Emu Tile were featured in the June Issue of "This Old House" magazine, and although there was no mention of our company name, she recognized the picture of the 3"x3" Sunflower tile installed in the ceiling beams of Paul Rodgers' restored whaling cottage in Sag Harbor. When I contacted the magazine's press room, they were kind enough to add a credit to the online edition of the article. Here is a link to the picture and the article:

"This Old House," Better Than Ever,  June 2011, No. 149,  Pages 82- 89

 Here is an picture I took of a 3"x3" sunflower tile.  I didn't want to reproduce the picture from the article without permission.

Summer Comforts at the Log Cabin Gallery



5:30 - 7:30 PM
Jon Mosey
performing on guitar and banjo

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
JUNE 24 thru
Eight Weekends
11 am - 5 pm
& by chance or
by appointment

Pat Bakos, Gemstone Jewelry
Kevin Becnel, Clay details
Annette Boncek, Mixed Media Fiber web-site
Gabriele Bryant, Glass Art
Gretchen Ciccotti, Textiles web-siteChris Collins, Vintage Linens into Wearable Art
Cathie Gordon, Primitive Rug Hooking
Tamara Gunnels, Mixed Media details 

Heidi Holub, Jewelry
Chuck Kline, Wildlife Painting
Sue Lucke, Fiber
Russ O'Brien, Blown Glass Art details
Diane Seskes, Photography detailsweb-site
Lucille Seskes, Traditional Quilting & Piecing details

John Shea, Sculptural Boxes
Tracy Shea, Functional Pottery
Sharon G. Sheinbart, Ceramic Sculpture
Paula Singleton, Hats & Vintage Button Jewelry
Sarah Smithers, Stained Glass
web-siteTherese Stadul, Garden Art details
Diane Taninecz, Jewelry & Pate de verre
Emily Ulm, Art Tiles details
Gwen Waight, Mixed Media
Judy Young, Mixed Media

Spring Shows

My new 4"x8" Heron tile will be on display at Local Girl Gallery's 7th anniversary party.  In case you are near Lakewood, Ohio on Saturday, May 21st, here are the details:

In other news, "Spring Awakening"  opened last weekend at the Log Cabin Gallery in Peninsula, Ohio, and my work has arrived at indigenous gallery, in Cincinnati, Ohio for artTILE 2011, which opens May 21.

Spring Awakening at the Log Cabin Gallery

If you are in Northeast Ohio, please come and check out the upcoming show in Peninsula! The "Log Cabin" is a charming, cozy, one-room gallery in an 1850s log cabin that overlooks the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It sits just a few feet from the edge of the park, so you can visit both on the same day. A selection of Emu Tiles will be on display (and available to purchase :) along with the work of many talented local artists. Click the picture below for a better view.

DRU and I recently walked all over Kent, putting up flyers like this one on every bulletin board we could find. This is a college town, so we posted quite a few on campus. We also put a some up at beloved independent businesses, like the Co-op and Last Exit Books. Thanks to everyone who let us post flyers.

New Tile Design

Yesterday, I made a mold for the new 4"x8" Heron Tile I have been working on. Here is the clay original, almost finished:

And here is the plaster mold, which needs to dry before I can use it:
I am very pleased with how it came out; crisp with no air bubbles. Yay! I can't wait to make the first heron tile.

The finished tile will be ready in time for the upcoming "For the Birds" show at Local Girl Gallery in Lakewood. It will also be available on my website in a few weeks.

Customer Photos and Three Upcoming Shows

I love getting pictures of Emu Tile on display. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that people enjoy my work and want to have it in their homes. Here is are some photos I received recently of a particular artful display over a mantel:

The light-colored tree tiles are an assortment of my four inch tiles in buckwheat glaze.

The blue tiles are by the talented Michael Cohen. I have never met Michael, but I enjoyed seeing his work at last years "artTILE" show at indigenous gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. My friend Kate bought one of his tiles for her Mom, who loved it. I am happy to say that Emu Tile will be featured in artTILE 2011:

May is going to be a big month for Emu Tile. New work will be featured at the Log Cabin Gallery in Peninsula, Ohio as part of the

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
May 6 thru June 12
Six Weekends
11 am - 5 pm
This exhibit's focus is upon Nature's awakening as well as Spiritual awakening. There will be a MEET THE ARTISTS RECEPTION on FRIDAY MAY 20 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Also in May, Emu Tile will be part of a special 7th anniversary show at Local Girl Gallery in Lakewood, Ohio on Saturday May 21st 12-8pm. The title is "For the Birds" and I am working on a new 4"x8" Heron tile for this event. I will post pictures of this new design, in progress, soon.

I hope you can make it to one or more of these shows.

Blossoming Bathroom

What's this?

Maggie Worsdale, the talented singer and performer, sent me these pictures of her beautifully remodeled bathroom:

If you look closely, you can see that 4"x4" blossom tiles in cinnamon glaze are set in the the natural stone tile border.

Great installation job! I am impressed that the installer was able to cut a perfect square out of the middle of a large piece of slate.

Thank you, Maggie! These picture will be featured on our new, improved website which is coming soon.

A Handmade Clock and A Hearth

More customer pictures of Emu Tile:

Doug Marshall of the The WoodenKnot sent me this picture of the beautiful clock he handcrafted using a 6"x6" Tree of Life tile:

And Megan M. sent me these gorgeous pictures of her hearth:

I never would have thought of repeating the sunflower tile like that- but I have to say I love it! So simple yet classic. Very Arts & Crafts.

Yes, there are some field tiles in this installation. I made an exception to my "no field tile" rule because she only needed a few to go with a large order of art tiles. I love how this turned out. I and hope to make them available again on my website at some point. Maybe this will be the year we get a bigger kiln... In the meantime, if you need just small number of field tiles to complete your art tile installation, just ask. I can usually accommodate small orders.

More Buckwheat Installation Pictures!

As soon as I mentioned that I only have one set of installation pictures of tiles in the buckwheat glaze, Linda Gehris of Gehis Tile in West Reading, PA sent me pictures of an amazing bathroom installation:

Linda's specialty is artistic mirror surrounds, and I just love what she did with this one!

The creamy field tiles couldn't be more perfect with the feature tiles in buckwheat glaze.

It is hard to see the art tiles in this picture, but there are an assortment of 2 inch and 4 inch tiles set among commercial field tiles.

Thank you, Linda! I will post these pictures on my installation page soon.

What is your interest in handmade ceramic tile?